Do you feel banged up? By life, by people? Listen up!

STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAYWhen Tai asks you, what is in the way of you growing, and starting to live the good life, most people have a ready answer. An answer they are sure is true. And an answer that they had seen a million times.

What no one seems to consider, that the saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” is more of a reason than you would consider.

One of them shows up an awful lot on my site: assuming to know. That is a how… falsely certain.
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Is there no rhyme or reason in your life?

now-or-neverYou live a life of quiet desperation… meaning: you live in the daily hubbub of pedestrian life, never getting anywhere, pushed around, hopeless and in despair that it is ever going to get better.

Most people come to my site, or seek out any self-improvement, spiritual, or manifestation program for this simple reason: they can see that in the pedestrian hubbub they will not find what they seek: peace of mind, a sense of purpose a rhyme and reason to their life. And without rhyme and reason you cannot be happy.

None of those courses help, unless you first lift yourself from the muck of pedestrian living.

I am offering a workshop (at the end of this article) that does that. Lift you from the muck… to a place where suddenly everything makes sense.
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Can you tell what size is your cone of vision? Look to what degree your live is fragmented…

pie7areas-splitYour vibration, your creativity, your truth value all depends on your cone of vision… But until you see that you have a narrow cone of vision, that you look at things with narrow cone of vision, or a narrow filter, you won’t want to make it wider.

Wide cone of vision means inclusive… narrow cone of vision is exclusive… exclusive of areas that you KNOW don’t matter, don’t belong, or you don’t like them. Exclusive because you KNOW the answer…

The most exciting insights first show up in the corner of your eyes… Which means they are literally outside of your cone of vision.

One way I see this is how attached you are to one area of life, or one way to do it, or one problem you have.

your only area you focus on is your musicFor some: it is their soul correction. They scratch the wound until it bleeds, and neither the soul correction issue moves, nor their lives move… it is a strategy.

Strait and narrow is transferred on land. It may be narrow, but it is not the strait. Strait means a narrow path of water between land masses.

If you are on a ship, talking about the land is irrelevant, won’t allow you to pass.

For others it is laziness.

But for most, it’s the soul correction…

Soul correction is one way the “Universe” is telling us that there is some design… otherwise soul correction categories would not exist. Or horoscope signs.

And most soul corrections narrow your cone of vision to not see all of what can be seen. Not even look.

I am a “Forget Thyself” soul correction. I need people to condescend upon, feel superior to.
I avoid people in position of authority. And I have been avoiding my older brother. I have dug up some information that could be useful for her wife’s health, but decided that he’ll knock me for it… so I didn’t do it.

the area of health... isolatedThis week I called him, and he was gracious, maybe even grateful. I wasn’t superior. Instead I looked wider, and was helpful, loving, sharing? Without the big ego.

Summon different ways of being… wider cone of vision…

Because it really not physical seeing as much as spiritual seeing.

In the sentence: how you do anything is how you do everything is true, because of your narrow cone of vision with regards to approach, attitude, being.

Giving lip service to higher states of being is not being that way. Talking about flying isn’t…

You know your dominant being: cheerful, gloomy, withholding, belligerent, self-aggrandizing, slimy, slippery, avoiding, domineering, judgmental, fearful, suppressed, tentative, deceitful, delusional, arrogant…

I am actually looking at actual people in that list above.

You know who you are.

Sometimes I give exercises to expand your repertory of ways to be.

Like most actors, you play life the same way, no matter what the movie.

And then are a few actors, very few, Meryl Streep, for example, who can change the how.

You are not locked in… just there is more pull to be one way. Boring, predictable, lifeless.

And what you see while you are that one-track pony is a very narrow swath of life… The narrower the range of being, the lower your vibration.

So, how do you widen it?

I would start with the question: what am I not seeing? What am I not even looking at?

Other useful questions: how could I be that would allows more of the Universe to reveal itself to me?

Reading is an amazing tool. Tai says the biographies let you learn ways of being by osmosis.

There may be truth to that. I am reading, little by little, Sam Walton’s book. For me the most unfamiliar way of beings he demonstrates is being interested in what people have to say, but not dominated. Being someone whom people tell things. Open, innocent, interested, appreciative. The opposite of my soul correction. So I am practicing that. So far it isn’t going too well. Especially the appreciative is hard for me. But I am less far from appreciative than I have ever been. I may even sound appreciative… but I know that the beingness is not there yet.

Appreciating another make my genes squirm. It feels to them that it means that I am not to be appreciated.

Ego is what the genes want. Either you win or you lose, black and white.

Widening your cone of vision is training your genes to allow ambivalence, allow peaceful coexistence of conflicting ides, feeling, attitudes.

Unless you train the genes you’ll stay who you have always been.

The training is in the dominion of being… appreciative, grateful, graceful, allowing, nimble, etc.

You don’t have to. But this is the work. The work that will save the planet, the work that will take some humans to the next stage of evolution.

People who have a wider range of being (the number of capacities they have open) are superior to people who limp along with five, maybe seven capacities.

And happier.

Your narrow cone of vision also means you live your life in tiny fragments: your life is compartmentalized: your gains in one area don’t reflect in others, because they are separated by this fragmentation.

You learn something and you don’t integrate it into your whole life… it may just stay in your mind… or it gets used in one area, but not the other.

And unfortunately happiness is impossible unless you have a whole life that works, a whole life that is on the same level. The “but” in the sentence: I am happy but… is or are the areas where you are not happy… Sum total is “not happy”

PS: One of the ways you could attempt to change the state of things is by inventing a context for your life. I’ll teach it this coming Sunday. It cost money… because it is a training, it is a workshop. If you don’t trust me to deliver value… please go away. Don’t come and read my site for free… you will get what you pay… nothing. You are worth nothing to yourself, and you are worth nothing for me. You are not worth a dime… So, please do me a favor, and don’t come back.

Of course you may be busy on Sundays… and you have proved to me and to yourself that you are willing to invest in yourself. I wasn’t talking to you.

I was talking to the person who thinks that reading articles will change their life… not in a million years. You read with your mind, and it becomes more cluttered there… no change, nothing.

OK, if you are still here, than maybe I would enjoy you coming to the workshop.

Here… write to me first… so I can decide if I want you or not.

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Can you heal yourself? Holographic universe or intelligent universe?

asimov-quote-beliefs-realityMy habit is to read one or two non-fiction books, cover to cover, the old fashioned way, and then about 600 pages worth of fiction.

My choice of fiction is historical novels, mostly. I like the short and sweet novellas 60-120 page long pieces, from the Foreworld Saga, that for me started with the book Mongoliad.

These books are perfect for me. They are fantastical. They always have heroes, and incredible odds, and the characters are larger than life.

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Healing… is that a negative word? Is that a sign of negativity?

negative-positiveDid you know that if you say: I need healing, what you are saying is that you are sick?

This includes inner healing, faith healing, etc…

And when you start from something wrong… like “I am sick”, you are on your way to create a context that is misery every step of the way.

If I needed to define what negativity is, it’s that “what is is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Yesterday I was leading my Theta State training webinar, and I felt horrible. Partially, because I wasn’t feeling well myself. Partially because my students didn’t feel well. And yet partially because one of my students wrote to me, and I needed to feel their feelings stronger than they felt them… because I am an empath.
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Want to break out of living the life the selfish gene allows you to live?


How does mind serve the ego, and ego serves the selfish gene… Evolutionary view of team “you”

Tuesdays are my days to interface with people who are neither my readers, nor my clients.

Ordinary people. And although it is very frustrating to me, and maybe even them, I learn a lot from these unpleasant interactions.

Ever since I read The Selfish Gene, a book, and even more since I read the book “Why beautiful people have daughters” a look on life through evolutionary psychology, I am trying to match what I read with what I see, hear, and feel.
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If you want the good life, you’ll need to “do” life differently

red-rock-coulee-c2a9-2012-christopher-martin-2406If you want the good life, you’ll need to learn some stuff, and unlearn some stuff… but most importantly you’ll have to learn how to and how not to… Remember the how? How you do anything is how you do everything… it is the approach, the attitude, the beingness.

There are a great many ways you can remain unaccomplished, and left behind in life.

Almost as many ways as many people. This is the Anna Karenina Principle.

As with everything, the strait and narrow works.

Most people don’t know that what keeps them off the strait and narrow is ideas they invented, made up, and now consider the truth.

One such idea is that unless you can jump tall buildings in one leap, you should just think about it, grieve about it, and do nothing.
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Making choices: are you a rank amateur?

Risk-Management-2This may be the most important article you read this year, this decade… because this article may inspire you to become a professional at living, instead of remaining a rank amateur… aka bumbling idiot.

Risk Management

You have two options. You need to choose. You need to choose the option that has the lower cost to your reproductive success if it turns out to be wrong.

Now, I suspect, that almost none of us think about cost in terms of reproductive success, but according to evolutionary psychology, you are a mere vehicle to your genes, your genes are only interested in making copies of themselves, i.e. reproduce, and make your particular genes more dominant in the gene pool.
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It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.

eb3bf6d2bcf2ecaf1ee944306d115dd2Some days I have nothing to say. It doesn’t feel like there is anything to say that needs to be said.

Some people never have anything to say and they talk all the time. Others think that they have to first formulate it in their heads to say it, and it never comes together.

Professional thinkers, writers know that “it is hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur wen you open your mouth.”

Thinking is a lot like digging for gold. Someone or something has to hold the dirt, or you can’t get beneath it.
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Why you have been unable to change: The Savanna Principle

tmpI am reading a book… 18% truth value, on evolutionary psychology.

What bothers me most is the air of authority these people that write books project… But, of course, real science doesn’t sell books…

Anyway, one of the things this book says that in the past 10,000 years we didn’t learn anything, because our brain was unable to…

And we haven’t been able to change our basic behavior… or our minds.

But recently I saw something that contradicts what the book says.
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